Tom Pettengill Massage

Shoulder Stretch and Release of tension



Glute/Sciatica Release



Close Up of Glute/Sciatica Release



IT Band Stretch and Release


Massage of the Quadratus Lumborum - a Major source of Low Back pain 



Releasing tight muscles along the spine



Relaxing forearm muscles - tight due to repeated keyboarding



Releasing foot muscles, tight from long periods of standing



Glute and IT Band stretch



Stretching Fascia on the backStretching the Fascia on the back.



Soothing Scalp Massage

Soothing Scalp Massage


Correcting a pelvic tilt


Muscle Energy Technique on the "QL" muscle that can cause low back pain.



Lower Back stretch, to lengthen and relieve pain



Shoulder mobilization to release subtle holding




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